Last week I mentioned a simple EOS tool called the People Analyzer which our clients use to provide feedback to their employees on how well they are living the company values and how well they are doing their jobs. Both pieces are important. EOS calls it having the Right People in the Right Seats. You can find last week’s post here.

The People Analyzer provides for feedback on whether the employee is the Right Person – meaning that they share your values.

By adding three more columns to the people analyzer – G, W, & C – you can provide feedback to the employee as to whether they are in the Right Seat.

Specifically, do they Get It – do they understand the requirements of the position as spelled out in your company. Do they Want It – or have they just drifted into this job and are holding onto it for dear life? Do they have the Capacity to Do the Job. Do they have both the hard and soft skills required for this position? Do they also have the time and the energy?

The rating method here is even simpler than for the company values. There are only two possibilities,- Yes and No. An employee must have three Yeses or you have an issue. The seat may be too big or too small. Make sure all your employees are in the right seat. If the issue can’t be fixed by changing seats or training, then you owe it to all your other employees to allow this one to pursue their career elsewhere.

The People Analyzer is simple and consistent. It can and should be applied to all your employees – from the CEO to the receptionist. You can download a free copy here.

Do you have something this simple and consistent in your company which is used regularly?

Graphics credit: EOS Worldwide

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